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Rent GPS Tracking Devices

Your online resource for affordable GPS device rentals to track potential spouse infidelity and vehicles.

Rentals at Rent GPS require no long-term commitment, no cellular contract, no "locates/pings" fees, and there's no expensive equipment to purchase - just use the unit while you need it, then send it back!

RangerPro.pngOur GPS Tracking Device Rentals come complete with Easy-to-Use Custom Developed Software that does all the work for you!


The Ranger GPS is a true real-time GPS unit that sends information over ATT Cellular. The software provides the ability of viewing stops & transits, routes, recent location on a digital map with addresses and by satellite using Google and Bing Maps.


$99.00 Monthly Rental Fee with Refundable Deposit


Rent a GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices for:

  • GPS vehicle tracking
  • Covert tracking for suspected infidelity
  • Track a cheating spouse
  • Track a teenager
  • Track freight
  • Follow Employees