How to Use & Rent a GPS Tracking Device

What cellular provider does the Ranger use?
How does the Ranger work?
What happens if the Ranger doesn't have cell coverage?
How is the Ranger powered?
How many locates do I get?
What is the benefit of the Ranger system?
Will the Ranger work in my area?
What is the estimated battery life for a Ranger PRO unit?
How and/or where do I put the Ranger GPS on a car/item?

Rental Questions

Do you charge for locates?
When will my rental need to be returned?
What is included with my rental?
How do I get started with renting?
What methods of payment do you accept?

GPS Questions

What is GPS?
How does GPS work?
How accurate is GPS?
What can cause a bad/inaccurate GPS signal?
What exactly is a GPS signal?
What can block a GPS signal?